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Willow Nursery

Class Schedule

Wobblers -18 month to 2 years

9.00am to 12.00pm.
Wobblers attend two mornings per week.

Toddlers  - 2 years to 3 years

9.00am to 12.00pm

Toddlers attend, two, three or five mornings. The two day programme is either Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday. Friday is the designated third day subject to availability.

Preschool  - 3 years to 6 years

9.00am to 12.30pm
(or until 2.30pm for those attending the extended day program).   
Preschool children attend two, three or five mornings per week. 


An affordable alternative in early childhood education.

Wobblers - 18 months to 2 years


The Wobbler’s group is the introduction to our nursery programme where children as young as 18 months can have their first classroom experience in a safe, secure and happy environment. 

Parents or guardians are welcome in our nursery at all times. You can stay with your child when they are first introduced to our nursery. The period of separation is slowly lengthened, until your child is settled and confident. The time needed for the adjustment will vary from child to child (usually one week).

Our aim is to work in partnership with you in the upbringing of your child, especially to share knowledge and to advise and support each other. The nursery provides a stimulating and stable environment, where children have the opportunity to develop respect for one another and language skills are emphasized.   

The staff: student ratio is 1:3

Toddlers - 2 years to 3 years


From Wobblers, children progress to the Toddlers group.  The classes are larger with up to 8 children allowing more social interaction and opportunities for sharing and play-based learning.We offer a wide range of activities, paint, malleable materials, fine motor and gross motor activities, indoor and outdoor play, stories, music and role play. In Toddler’s, each month we follow a different ‘Theme’ such as:  

Tree of Life
The Ocean
These include crafts, role playing, songs, poems, with specific objectives so that the children will have an understanding and appreciation for the Theme’s concepts.Every child is an individual and thus acquires cognitive, motor skills and social skills at their own rate. We monitor each child against the ‘Milestones to Preschool’ to ensure that they are well prepared for the next stage of their development.  

The staff: student ratio for Toddlers is 1:4

Pre-School - 3 years to 6 years


Our preschool builds upon the experiences gained in the Toddler Group. We offer a wide range of activities, paint, malleable materials, fine motor and gross motor activities, indoor and outdoor play, stories, music and role play. Children are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves, have respect for others, and their environment. There are some structured group times but also plenty of opportunity for free play.   Children in the preschool are given activities that enable them to  meet the requirements of early learning goals, so that they are skilled, confident and ready to make their transition into school as smooth as possible.  The learning goals define the curriculum to which we work and are organized in six areas:

Personal, social and emotional Knowledge and understanding of the world Communication, language & literacy Physical development Mathematical development Creative development.

The staff: student ratio for preschool is 1:8